The Injective community is kicking off the first stage of the Equinox Staking Testnet by beginning to publicly invite validators to onboard.

The community has been working for several weeks alongside some of the largest validators within the crypto ecosystem. Equinox will start staking largely with these validators since they have past experience working extensively with Cosmos based networks. Soon these validators will play a key role as Injective rolls out a truly unparalleled exchange.

Injective will begin to introduce these validators to the larger community throughout the month of February.

Due to an unprecedented surge in demand a form has been created to allow general community members to also indicate their interest in becoming validators on Injective.

You can access the validator interest form here: Link

About Injective

Injective is the first cross-chain protocol built for decentralized finance applications. On the Injective exchange, anyone can access, create, and trade unlimited DeFi markets such as futures and perpetuals. Developers can also build cross-chain Ethereum-compatible projects that are lightning fast and achieve instant transaction finality. Injective is backed by a prominent group of stakeholders including Binance, Pantera Capital and Mark Cuban.

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