Today we are introducing an entirely revamped Injective exchange. Users can test spots and perpetual contracts for a wide array of markets on Injective in preparation for our upcoming mainnet launch.

The release marks the culmination of a number of major improvements across the frontend user interface as well as core backend logic for our orderbook model.

Trading on the exchange will also be an Equinox epic task. Specifically, users must submit 50 separate trades across 5 different markets, and earn a net positive PNL. Completing the epic task will result in a 3% APY boost for Equinox Staking.

Equinox Trading Walkthrough: LINK

*Rewards will be subject to the team’s review

Entirely New Infrastructure Powering our Exchange

Having gathered invaluable feedback from our community in the Solstice, Solstice V2, and Solstice Pro exchanges, we worked to dramatically increase the capabilities offered by our protocol.

We have revamped our entire infrastructure in order to enable truly decentralized trading that is lightning fast. The latest iteration of our exchange will be a vastly different and improved version relative to the Solstice testnet versions that were available last year.

Decentralized Governance

Both spot and perpetual markets are now launched based on governance proposals on Equinox. Users who have staked INJ are able to both propose new markets and vote on new listings, allowing the entire listing process to be governed by a decentralized community of stakeholders.

Heightened Transaction Speeds

Our new infrastructure is projected to handle over 10,000 orders per second. To put this number into perspective, most leading decentralized exchanges today are able to process fewer than 20 transactions per second.

Novel Order Matching Model

We have implemented a new frequent batch auction model (FBA) that is both technically robust and competitive against centralized exchanges. We are able to eliminate predatory front-running while enabling the provisioning of deeper liquidity at tighter spreads by market makers.

Upgraded Oracle Module

The Injective oracle module allows markets to be proposed based on a variety of oracle providers such as Coinbase, Chainlink and Band Protocol. The oracle module was created in order to expand the choices of users on our protocol since it enables anyone to be able to select from a range of price feeds.

On Injective, any derivatives market can be launched using just a price feed. Our vast array of oracle providers will not only increase the range of available markets but also provide a robust decentralized infrastructure that aggregates prices from multiple sources. The mechanism behind the Injective oracle model helps ensure that prices cannot be manipulated.

Refactored Injective Codebase

The entire codebase has been reengineered from the ground-up in order to create a more performant developer-friendly environment.

The new native Typescript packages allow anyone to easily deploy new applications or frontend interfaces on top of our protocol. In addition, these npm packages will help ease the process of interacting with the Injective Chain.

Enhanced UI Capabilities

The frontend has been iterated extensively in order to create a more intuitive user interface. For example, traders can now dynamically reposition elements on the frontend such as the charts or orderbook, which helps to create a more bespoke experience for each person.

Direct Interaction with the Injective Chain

Through the exchange interface users can interact with the Injective Chain. As a result, any assets held on Ethereum can be transferred to our layer-2 Chain in just a few clicks.

Metamask and Ledger Support

There is now native Metamask and Ledger support on Injective, meaning that users are able to securely transact on our exchange without the need for any middleman.

Closing Remarks

The launch of our spot and perpetual markets prepares us to release a mainnet with a fully revamped infrastructure. We encourage everyone to test out the new Injective exchange and provide feedback.

Onwards and upwards!

About Injective Protocol

Injective is the first decentralized multi-chain exchange protocol that unlocks the full potential of decentralized derivatives and borderless DeFi. Injective enables access to unlimited decentralized markets for futures, perpetuals, spots, synthetics, and much more. Injective is backed by a prominent group of stakeholders including Mark Cuban, Pantera Capital and Binance.

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