We are excited to announce that we are integrating with Polkadot to expand Injective’s decentralized cross-chain trading capabilities. This integration will be made possible by Moonbeam, which provides an Ethereum-compatible smart contract platform powered by Polkadot that makes it easy to build natively interoperable applications.

Polkadot is a sharded multichain network, meaning it can process many transactions on several chains in parallel, eliminating the bottlenecks that occur on legacy networks that process transactions one-by-one. Sharded chains connected to Polkadot are called “parachains” because they run on the network in parallel. Polkadot is a popular layer-1 chain that currently supports a number of innovative projects that are currently building on the Polkadot platform.

As a future parachain on Polkadot that supports EVM, Moonbeam allows for us to migrate our Ethereum pegging logic to Polkadot very easily. For us, this means that we are able to build a set of smart contracts on Moonbeam that would contain the logic to bring Injective’s DEX derivatives to Polkadot.

Prior to this integration, if users had wanted to transfer tokens between Injective Chain and Polkadot, they would have to first make a withdrawal request back to Ethereum through our implementation of an Ethereum peg zone, and then transfer to Polkadot via an Ethereum to Polkadot bridge. This would overall have been a much more cumbersome process for traders.

Ultimately, by leveraging the tech stack built by Moonbeam we plan to create a bridge that would enable assets from Injective and Polkadot to be transferred between one another. This opens up tremendous potential for various derivatives, such as staking derivatives, to be brought to Polkadot. In addition, it can enable a wide array of new derivatives to be built on Injective that leverage native Polkadot tokens, Moonbeam-based tokens, as well as other tokens launched on top of Polkadot parachains.

As Ethereum and Polkadot are two of the giants in the layer-1 space today, the opportunities for our cross-chain derivatives DEX are truly limitless.

Moonbeam is one of the first parachains on Polkadot to offer full Ethereum compatibility which allows Solidity developers to deploy unmodified Ethereum smart contracts on the Polkadot network. The Moonbeam team has been building rapidly and is supported by veteran tech talent with a strong track record. With the aid of Moonbeam, Injective looks to become the first layer-2 DEX to enable cross-chain capabilities across Ethereum and Polkadot.

Injective CEO Eric Chen had this to say regarding the collaboration, “As a platform for open derivatives market creation, we’re confident that our community-driven markets will benefit from accessing tokens and on-chain data from the Polkadot ecosystem. More interestingly, we can also create synthetic tokens on futures positions and transfer them to the Polkadot DeFi ecosystem while also enabling NFTs to be traded.”

We look forward to building the Injective ecosystem further with this integration as we near our public launch.

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About Injective Protocol

Injective Protocol is the first layer-2 decentralized exchange protocol that unlocks the full potential of decentralized derivatives and borderless DeFi. Injective Protocol enables fully decentralized trading without any restrictions, allowing individuals to trade on any derivative market of their choosing.

Injective Protocol is backed by a prominent group of stakeholders including Pantera Capital, one of the most renowned venture capital firms in the world, and the leading cryptocurrency exchange, Binance.

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