Today marks the launch of the very first synthetic commodity market on Injective.

Injective will tap into the rapidly growing synthetics market with the addition of gold on the Solstice testnet. Users can now trade gold perpetual markets with up to 20x leverage.

Injective has recently released a number of digital asset markets, which you can read more about here. Enabling the trading of gold demonstrates just how limitless and diverse markets on Injective can truly be. The price oracles utilized enable real-time feeds which further allows traders to trade gold 24/7 on Injective.

This new avenue begins with the introduction of gold as it is currently one of the most highly traded assets worldwide. There was also significant interest from the community to see synthetic commodities when they participated in a survey last month.

The community will continue to explore the addition of both new synthetic assets and new markets not available anywhere else. The goal of the Injective community is to facilitate trading for every single available market globally. This vision encompasses digital assets, synthetics, and much more! Community members will also be able to create and trade any market of their choice soon. This means Injective will quite literally offer unlimited options for markets to trade on without any form of restriction.

See you on Solstice.

About Injective

Injective is the first cross-chain protocol built for decentralized finance applications. On the Injective exchange, anyone can access, create, and trade unlimited DeFi markets such as futures and perpetuals. Developers can also build cross-chain Ethereum-compatible projects that are lightning fast and achieve instant transaction finality. Injective is backed by a prominent group of stakeholders including Binance, Pantera Capital and Mark Cuban.

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