We’re extremely excited to see that the community voted to launch spot trading on the Injective Mainnet Canary Chain! This release will enable individuals to have the first look at the Injective exchange as well as various exchange frontend relayers.

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UpOnly Exchange: Link

Injective Relayer: Link


Spot trading was enabled via a decentralized governance process with the community voting to release spot trading accompanied by 17 initial spot markets. From day one, the Injective protocol has been built to be fully decentralized. The community turned this vision into a reality over the past few weeks as both new market listings and the release of spot trading were launched by the global community.

Spot trading on the canary chain will launch with 17 initial spot markets. Liquidity for these markets is provided by a group of top-tier market makers, including Anti Capital (an affiliate of Injective Labs), as well as users on the exchange. To protect users, the Injective community’s frontends will initially restrict user deposits to $50 for a short period of time to ensure security and safety. As a result, expect trading volumes to be artificially low as we further analyze the alpha version of the exchange.

Lighting fast transactions with zero gas fees are enabled by our layer-2 structure that is also able to achieve instant finality due to our Tendermint-based PoS consensus mechanism. In addition, Injective revamps the traditional DEX model to create an easy to use protocol for both novice and sophisticated traders alike.

The article here will help provide some further details on Canary Chain and how you can start trading, so read on!

Exchange Relayers

At its core, the Injective protocol is a decentralized protocol that is able to host a plethora of DeFi applications.

One of these features includes being able to host new exchange relayers (exchange frontends) on top of Injective Protocol. Each relayer provides new interfaces and functionalities.

Relayers can also be region specific, so for instance a relayer can be written entirely in Turkish in order to localize it for the Turkish market. By doing so, relayers can comply with local laws and other parameters that make Injective more accessible to new audiences globally.

Currently, there are already two live relayers. UpOnly Exchange is the first relayer and is supported by Genesis Block Ventures (GBV), a prominent venture fund. UpOnly Exchange provides an intuitive interface for users globally to access Injective Protocol while also introducing new frontend capabilities.

The second relayer is created by Injective Labs (the service company contributing to Injective Protocol).

Users can access the Injective exchange via these different relayers which each have their own unique offerings.

Getting Started

You can now navigate to the Injective Protocol website here.

On the top right hand corner click “Trade”. Clicking on “Trade” will generate a dropdown from which you can select your desired exchange relayer.

We welcome everyone to take part in our Canary Chain spot trading launch and provide valuable feedback, so we can begin to move towards releasing derivatives (perpetuals and futures) as soon as possible.

What Comes Next

Spot trading will serve an integral role as we also look to launch perpetuals and futures trading in the coming weeks.

We encourage everyone to try it out and provide feedback, so we can further perfect our product.

So in summary, spot trading on the canary chain is live. Users can access the Injective exchange via various frontend relayers. We are preparing to release both perpetuals and futures trading shortly. After a few weeks, we plan to make the Injective Chain canonical which will mark the beginning of a new era of decentralized trading.

Here is a quick timeline

Onwards and upwards!

Canary Chain Resources

Here we will list some resources to help you get started with the canary chain.

Injective Protocol Website: Link (access the exchange by selecting a frontend exchange relayer)

Injective Staking: Link

About Injective Protocol

Injective Protocol is the first layer-2 decentralized exchange protocol that unlocks the full potential of decentralized derivatives and borderless DeFi. Injective Protocol enables fully decentralized trading without any restrictions, allowing individuals to trade on any derivative market of their choosing. Injective is backed by a prominent group of stakeholders including Mark Cuban, Pantera Capital and Binance.

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